Who we are.

Our core values.

nunido. has a high level of commitment to change and focuses on value-oriented and respectful communication - both within the team and in external customer communications. The values we developed together over the time makes us a connected and appreciative team in the first place. Our core values are the principles that guide our actions as cultural benchmarks. They enable us to express our identity and corporate culture and help us make the right decisions in difficult situations. 

Our core values.

Bury your ego.

We want to be a motivated role model for our colleagues and customers - as well as grateful and grounded! We share our knowledge to help everyone. In this way, we respect our environment and our surroundings.

Discipline beats talent.

We use clearly defined processes as the basis for our daily actions. With process loyalty, discipline and perseverance, we achieve our goals step-by-step - while always being curious to develop further and learn new things.

Work in progress.

Imperfection motivates us always to create something new - far from perfect, but very close. We are open to criticism and reflect on ourselves. Digital thinking and action are at the center of our daily decisions.

Read the customer's mind.

Our customers are the core of our business. We act from their point of view and always try to meet their needs with empathy. We gain loyal customers through excellent service.

Go all in.

Winning is not a coincidence. We always give 100%, are self-confident and try to break through our limits! Details are important - but only sometimes (80-20 principle). At the same time, we are proud when we reach milestones, remain ambitious and continue to develop day by day.

Who we are.

Meet the founders.  

Peyman Rajaei


 Peyman acts as nunido.'s strategic visionary - but the long term strategic goals are decided democratically. In addition, he is the Head of the Creative team, which unites the creative minds of nunido. (Marketing/ Business Development/ People&Culture).  

Pejman Rajaei


As Head of the Operations Team, Pejman is responsible for the operational areas of nunido.'s Value Chain. Only a well-coordinated coordination of the areas enables us to meet the needs of our customers and partners.

About nunido.

A little bit of history.  

The founders developed the idea for an e-commerce store during their studies: smaller projects led to a growing interest in digital commerce and the desire to set up something of their own. A shifted meeting at a furniture trade fair then provided the idea - why not provide people with designer furniture (so far hardly available) on an online platform?

The beginning. Milestones.

The journey started with three full time employees and two interns in the first office. Six office addresses later, we arrived: Today our office is close to the growing Hafencity and Speicherstadt with its creative environment of agencies and start-ups - A place where we feel comfortable and our vision is touchable.

Even though until today there were a lot of significant moments - one was very special. After moving to the current 4000 qm warehouse in Hamburg Harburg, standing together in a huge empty hall, waiting for orders and thinking to ourselves - wow, now it's gonna be really big.

Today & our DNA.

Meanwhile our product range comprises more than 75,000 items, which reach customers in 8 markets (DE, AT, CH, FR, UK, NL, BE, PT). The focus of our work is to understand our markets, customers and partners even better in order to meet the respective needs more specifically with the help of our e-commerce knowledge gathered over almost ten years.

Since the beginning, our DNA has been characterized by people who enjoy entrepreneurship as well as breaking through boundaries. This includes a certain persistence as well as taking full responsibility for our own actions.

What we want to achieve.

We meet at equal level, do not pretend and never take ourselves too seriously. At the same time, we want to create a fun and energetic platform with nunido. that makes us proud and provides valuable services - for our customers, external partners and, above all, for us.  

The clear brand positioning of nunido. is in the focus, and we are constantly working on it - moving away from being a design dealer to becoming a design brand.

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